PretzelSoft is proud to announce their first virtual reality title. Coming to Steam Early Access in Q2′ 2017:


A virtual reality adventure taking place in the dark depths of space. Live an experience unlike any other, tens of thousands of years in Humanity’s future.

Explore the Void. An area of dead space in the center of our galaxy. Devoid of light, warmth, and even gravity. Anything which drifts into its territory is gone from history.

Discover the Enigma. In a place where survival is impossible a collection of Humanity’s offspring has emerged. Central to it all, the Engima. An impossible point of light in the void.

Repair the Collective. A vast array of technology gathered in darkness. Untouched and unknown, the forgotten remains of the march of science lay waiting to be put to use again.

Escape the Sargasso. Learn the secrets hidden within and escape to the future!


Sargasso is being developed for the Vive and Oculus as well as other open source VR headsets.