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Sargasso Early Access Experience Starting Winter 2018

Welcome to the Sargasso, an unending starship graveyard located in the deepest void of space. A timeless, lightless scrapyard inhabited by the lingering ghosts of AIs that once soared between the stars. You are the last survivor of a great disaster. Barely clinging to life, you were left drifting for time unknown with nothing but a rescued AI.

Now you found yourself here. In this starless void, this grinding darkness, you must discover your salvation. Explore the derelict starships from the span of Human history and collect the tools and technology needed to survive. Choose the fate of the AIs that reside within, who may help or hinder you depending on your choices. Escape the inescapable, and discover the course of humanity beyond the void.

A unique feature length VR escape experience
Designed for a new generation of home and arcade entertainment

- Explore -

...a massive starship graveyard and interact with those trapped within. Discover the lost history of humanity's expansion through the stars

- Repair -

...derelict ships and hack systems using the abilities of powerful AIs. Upgrade your mechanical body with scavenged 3D printed components

- Survive -

...the mysteries of a place unlike any you've seen before and escape the uncertain fate that lay within the heart of the Sargasso


Thank You for supporting us!

At the start of 2017 Sargasso was voluntarily admitted into the Steam Greenlight Program.

Thanks to the valuable feedback and support of the Steam community we were accepted May 25th, 2017.

Our heartfelt thanks to Steam and all those infolved. This project would not have happened without you.


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